How to Customize Whatsapp Theme

Everyone knows whatsapp became most popular messenger app in the world. It is has became a part of the daily activity. Here now we are going to explain to customize whatsapp colour and theme.

In whatsapp so many new things came to existence as per the user requirement and needs many new apps also came to existence for the business and projects.

If any user whats to change the whatsapp colour or theme it won’t be possible as default as green is the colour given by whatsapp if you want change the colour means. Then install an app called LP theamer

Customize whatsapp colour:

Install Xposed installer app which is available free from google play store and seach for LP theamer. Download the latest version of module. After installing the theamer reboot your device. Then enter into LP theamer and select whatapp in the app. There you can be able to see the option to change the color in primary, secondary etc select the color as per your intereast.

After changing the color as per your requirement in LP theamer reboot your phone. Now open the whatsapp and you would be able to see the colors which are been changed in the LP theamer.

Customize whatsapp theme:

If you want to change the whatsapp theme without rooting your phone. Then first take the backup of the present whatsapp in your phone. Then uninstall the present whatsapp from your phone and install GB whatsapp which is the flavour of whatsapp. After installing login into whatsapp account it would just a riplica to old whatsapp. Then enter into settings of the GB whatsapp there you would be able to see the themes download option. After downloading select the theme as per your intreast your theme would be changed without rooting.



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